Our Mission

Here at Asatre, we believe that hemp can improve so many aspects of our life. Recent reclassification to Agricultural Status by the Federal Government has removed decades of restrictions put on hemp products. From clothing, to pet supplies, to backpacks, and so much more, our goal is provide affordable eco-friendly hemp products. We want to bring life to hemp and all it has to offer with a modern twist!

Meet The Team

Ethan Smith

Ethan Smith was born in Connecticut and raised in Vermont. At 20 years old, he moved to California to pursue a long kept dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. After completing a semester at Oaksterdam University, Ethan dove into the world of hemp and it’s uses which led him to found Asatre

Jody Kocis Smith

Jody Kocis Smith was raised in a small rural town in Vermont. Graduated from Post University with B.S. in Accounting. She has worked in Accounting, Audit, Finance, Real estate and even SAG/AFTRA actor. She has even used her mix of creativity and knowledge of real estate to flip 10 properties. Now, she spends much of her time traveling with her partner, Jeff. Her proudest accomplishment is her three children. Hoping to help them pursue their passions while allowing her to follow her dream to make a positive difference in the world.

Chyna Barrett

Chyna Barrett, a native to Connecticut, moved to California at 19 years old with one goal – to find herself. While accompanying Ethan’s pursuance of hemp and the cannabis industry, Chyna found herself with a passion to share all of the wonderful benefits of hemp and CBD to even the most conservative of people.