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Hempseed Oil for Skin Care

Hempseed oil has been used for centuries owing to its healing benefits – both for the body and for the external skin! It’s loaded with nutrients and vitamins that help nourish and hydrate your skin, giving you clear smooth skin. 

Hemp seed oil is becoming a trending ingredient for a reason, so here we list some benefits on why products using it are worth a shot.

What Is Hempseed Oil?

Hempseed oil is commonly used to make beauty and skincare products. It is extracted from, as is mentioned in the name, seeds of the hemp plant, more specifically called Cannabis Sativa L. Although hemp is a cannabis like marijuana, it does not contain a significant amount of THC to cause a high sensation. The seeds themselves contain no THC at all, which makes it a non–psychoactive solution that is safe to drink and apply to your skin.

The oil is rich in nutrients such as proteins, healthy fatty acids, and carbohydrates and has shown to be very beneficial to many parts of the human body.

Benefits of Using Hemp Seed Oil

Hempseed oil is used in skincare products for its plethora of perks.

Treating Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition, leaving behind red itchy patches of skin in different places of the body and has no cure so far.

However, there are still many treatment options that are still being researched for their healing properties. One of the potential options includes hempseed oil. The omega – 6 and omega – 3 fatty acids could help ease the pain and lower the urge to itch.

The GLA in hempseed oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help soothe irritated, red, and inflamed skin. It’s great for using on insect bites as well!

Moisturizing the Skin

Being an emollient – an ingredient that maintains the skin’s softness, smoothness, and elasticity – hempseed oil is well known for its effectiveness against dryness of skin by protecting it against moisture loss.

The omega – 6 fatty acids are useful, once again. They prompt the body to generate more cells and grow. Moreover, omega 6 fatty acids also help against inflammation and acne due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

The nutritional oil is especially good as a great carrier oil to use in massages and such types of treatments.

Maintaining a Youthful Look

The hemp seed oil also has remarkable anti-aging properties, especially thanks to the linoleic acid and oleic acids that protect your body from wrinkles and stress lines that form. They also fight against free radicals that damage your skin as part of the natural aging process.

Moderating the Amount of Oil Produced

Not only does hemp seed oil moisturize dry skin but it also helps really oily skin. It works for almost every skin type. The hempseed oil balances off the grease and oil overproduced on the face of those with dry skin, which would have caused a lot of acne if left unchecked, without clogging up any pores. It also moisturizes your skin.

In short, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin while also moderating the amount of oil produced by your skin’s glands.

Hemp Seed Oil is Great for Hair and Scalp Health

Your hair will benefit from the fatty acids present in the oil which add shine and moisturize to your hair. 

Moreover, Hemp Seed Oil also helps your hair grow thicker and stronger. Some studies have even linked hemp seed oil to treating scalp issues with varying severity, ranging from dandruff and dryness to maybe even treating scalp psoriasis.


While there is always room for more research to prove certain aspects and theories about the advantages of hemp seed oil, one can easily say that it is definitely safe to use and very beneficial.

In whatever way you choose to use hemp seed oil – whether it be topically as a cream or as a supplement – there are numerous benefits for your skin, hair, and physical and mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is hemp seed oil extracted?

It is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa L. 

The seeds are first crushed into tiny pieces then pressed using a lot of pressure to obtain the highest possible amount of nutrients.

Is hemp seed oil edible?

Depending on the type of product, yes, it is. If it is in the form of cream, however, try to refrain from trying to test its taste.

Does hemp seed oil contain CBD?

No, CBD is not found in the seeds, which is where hemp seed oil is extracted from, so the percentage of CBD present is negligible.

Is hemp seed oil dangerous?

Hemp oil has been proven to be safe for most people, but for caution make sure to consult your doctor if you have any allergies that might act up due to the composition of hemp oil.

Is hemp seed oil legal?

Yes, the hemp seed oil is legal.

Is hemp seed oil the same as CBD oil?

No. While they both may be derived from the same plant; they are very different products. CBD oil comes from leaves and stems and contains a large amount of CBD. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant and does not contain CBD but still has many other nutrients.

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Top Benefits of CBD Oil for Skin


“CBD has skin calming and Anti-Inflammatory properties, making it useful in treating conditions like eczema” – Dr. Andrew Kerklaan of Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics.


In addition to the more common ingestible usages, CBD oil is becoming a beneficial additive to skincare products. Currently, CBD Oil extract is being used to assist with skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, Acne, Dry skin, as well as the aging process.   Daily usage of topical CBD Skin Care products may be beneficial to your skin. 

Reduces Signs of Aging Skin

The largest body organ, our skin, begins to show signs of aging as a red complexion, dullness, and/or wrinkles. The use of some anti-aging creams or lotions may help maintain your skin and keep it in its best possible condition. 

CBD oil may play an important role in moisturizing and keeping your skin healthy as well as supporting your overall health and well-being.  Due to CBD’s antioxidant characteristics, it may reduce the visible signs of aging as well as make your skin appear healthy and beautiful.  

Alleviates Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that allows cells to multiply rapidly on the surface that may result in red scales forming or other spots or discoloration on the skin.  An individual with psoriasis may experience severe pain or discomfort.  To help alleviate this, it is necessary to reduce inflammation and slow down the multiplication of skin cells. CBD oil may be able to assist with that.


Acne is defined as a skin condition when dead skin cells, dirt, or excess oil build-up and clog our skin pores. This may result in red blemishes on your skin. To get rid of acne, it is important to keep your skin clean and keep bacteria away.

Research has shown that CBD oil may have features that help prevent acne from being triggered.  Rather than targeting all of the cells, CBD oil may only target the problem-causing cells that activate acne. Without major irritation or dryness on your skin, CBD oil may also help your skin to heal quickly and effectively.

Helps with Dry Skin

If your skin is extremely dry, it may be due to the weather, the aging process, or you may take some sort of medications which may result in preventing the skin from producing oil and also cause pain due to toughness and itching.

Many CBD skincare products are prepared with nutrients and other substances that nourish and hydrate your skin. It may also help to stop skin flaking, rough spots, cuts, and cracks.

Managing Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that often results in dry, itchy skin that may appear with a red rash. CBD has skin calming and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in helping to treat conditions like eczema.

How to use CBD Skin Care products?

If you are new to using CBD, it would be best, to begin with, the CBD products that have the lowest quantity of CBD and apply it to a small patch on your skin, rub it gently and wait for a few hours to see how your skin reacts to the product. 

If everything goes well and you don’t feel any irritation or itching, feel free to apply it to the rest of the affected area.  The best areas to check the effectiveness and reaction of the CBD product is under the knees or inside of the elbows.

CBD Skincare Products

At Asatre, we offer many CBD Skincare products to assist with many of your daily skin issues.  We offer CBD Skin Cleansers and Toners, Anti-Aging Creams with Apple Stem Cells, Neck and Decollete Cream, Daily Skin Renewal Cream, Repair Cream with Collagen and Retinol.  We also offer six varieties of natural handmade hemp oil soaps (Eucalyptus Tea Tree, Lavender Oatmeal, Charcoal Aloe, Tuscan Sun Ginger Root, Patchouli Vanilla, and Geranium Patchouli) that do not contain CBD oil. However, all are created to help with various skin issues and contain hemp oil as well as many other essential oils.  They have many of the healing, moisturizing benefits, without any potential side effects from CBD.

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Benefits of CBD Products for Athletes

CBD has recently taken the health and wellness industry by storm with athletes and scientists from all over the world are intrigued by its beneficial effects on the human body.  We have just begun to learn some of the benefits CBD products may offer athletes and the general population trying to stay fit and healthy.  So, what is CBD and how does it affect athletes? Keep reading to find out! 

What is CBD?

CBD literally stands for “cannabidiol” – a compound derived from the hemp plant. Chemically, it is a cannabinoid and has a structure similar to the endocannabinoids found inside the body. 

Hemp oil is extracted and then purified to create many different CBD products including tinctures, oil, and even isolate powders. These are then used orally, sublingually, or even topically for their beneficial effects. Some topical products used by athletes include CBD salves, lotions, rubs, and sprays.

How it Works

CBD is a cannabinoid, which means it influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that’s naturally found inside the human body. The ECS regulates many aspects of the body including sleep, inflammation, pain, and immunity. CBD influences the ECS to produce its effects on the human body. 

Furthermore, CBD may also influence other receptors in the brain including serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of sleep, mood, appetite, and stress. 

Asatre CBD Salve 500MG

By interacting with serotonin receptors, CBD could produce many positive effects on the human body, which are discussed in the subsequent section. 

Benefits of CBD for Athletes 

Here are some of the benefits of CBD products for athletes:

  • CBD may help reduce anxiety and stress in athletes

The stress of competing against other people and putting yourself out there as an athlete can seriously take a toll on your mental health. Losing competitions and games, fears of getting injured, all can leave you stressed and anxious.  CBD could improve your mental health by helping to reduce stress and anxiety, giving you the peace you need to stay focused and achieve your goals! 

  • CBD could improve your recovery time

After you train, your muscles get microscopic tears that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These tears cause inflammation and sore muscles, which can be very painful and can increase the time it takes for your muscles to recover from your training. CBD could reduce inflammation in your muscles, which could in turn promote healing. This could significantly reduce the time it takes for your muscles to recover. 

  • CBD may reduce pain in athletes

Sore muscles and inflammation can cause a lot of pain in athletes, which can hamper physical activities. CBD works as a natural pain killer by mediating local neural transmission to reduce the sensation of pain signals in the brain. There are many CBD creams, lotions, sprays, and gels for this purpose. You can also take CBD orally for systemic pain relief.  Unlike traditional painkillers, CBD isn’t addictive either. 

  • CBD could give you a good night’s sleep!

CBD affects serotonin receptors in your brain to give you a good night’s sleep. Athletes often suffer from anxiety and related sleep disorders, making it hard for them to fall asleep or stay asleep. In addition, pain and trauma can further worsen the condition for them. 

However, CBD may make it easier for athletes to get a good night’s sleep, which is vital for the body’s recovery. Sleep rejuvenates the body and helps the body recover from injuries. Moreover, it also improves focus and attention which can improve an athlete’s performance. Thus, CBD could improve your sleep and give you all the benefits of a good night’s sleep. You don’t even have to worry about a “hangover” effect because it doesn’t cause daytime drowsiness. 

These are just a few of the benefits of CBD products for athletes!


One frequently asked a question that a lot of new CBD users ask is what dosage they’re supposed to take. This is where it gets kind of tricky. The dosage that works for someone else may not be the dosage that works for you. Every human body is different and reacts in a different way to different products. 

To get the best results from CBD, you need to find out the optimum dosage for yourself. To do this, start out with a very low dosage and then gradually increase the dosage. When you feel like you’re getting the results you want from CBD, keep the dosage constant because increasing the dosage beyond the optimum dosage can reduce the beneficial effects of CBD too. 

It’s best to keep a dosage journal where you can enter the dosage you’ve used and compare it with the effects you’re getting. This way, you can easily track your CBD journey and see what’s best for you. 

Side Effects

CBD rarely has any side effects, and even if it does, they’re very minor and range from appetite changes to nausea. However, these are pretty rare and usually only occur initially. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best CBD products for your body and see how it significantly enhances your training experience. After all, your body works so hard and it deserves the best care it can get! 

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Best CBD Cream For Pain

Pain is a universal experience and almost all people are familiar with it. Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive herbal remedy, is rapidly gaining popularity, which is the basic result of the search for pain relief.

CBD Cream is actually a topical cream mashed with the phytocannabinoid CBD. It may contain the isolated CBD compound; a distillate that contains CBD along with a few other smaller cannabinoids; or a broad spectrum oil containing CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes. It can be used to relieve pain and inflammation and/or help treat skin conditions when applied topically.

When topical agents are applied to the skin, they can potentially benefit the surface of the skin as well as the skin below. Both dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin penetrate when CBD is applied topically to the skin.

CBD Intensive Relief Rub 500MG With EMU Oil
                       CBD Intensive Relief Rub 

The human body contains an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that regulates appetite, mood, and feelings of pain and pleasure. By binding to cell receptors in the skin, Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can activate our body’s endocannabinoid system. This association explains why the most commonly used CBD creams are used for chronic pain or inflammation.

The following are some of the most important considerations when choosing most CBD products including topical like CBD cream for pain relief.

Quality control: Third-party lab testing results should be displayed on the brand.

Hemp source: Always try to buy such brands that make products from US-grown hemp.

Extraction method: CO2 and ethanol extraction procedures are regarded as robust.

Brand awareness: See brand reviews for more details. The longevity and size of the brand may be relevant, but some newer and smaller brands take quality seriously as well.

Strength/Efficacy: There is still no clinical consensus on the dosage. It depends on your personal needs and your reaction to the pain. Topical hemp products vary in CBD in milligrams per ounce.

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High Quality CBD Products


While it is a simple question, there is no real definitive answer. There are many variables that you need to consider regarding the age you must be to purchase CBD or the legal age to purchase CBD products before you answer you can Yes or No.

First of all, you need to check out the source of the CBD. When the CBD is taken from a marijuana plant, the THC content of the CBD product can be higher than the federal legal allowance of 0.3% THC.

In almost all states of the United States where marijuana or medical marijuana products are legal, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase marijuana products or enter marijuana dispensaries. This is because the THC content must be less than 0.3% to be legally considered hemp.

CBD Massage Oil
CBD Massage Oil 20MG

The THC content must be lower than 0.3% THC when the CBD oil or CBD products are derived from industrial hemp plants.

There are strict requirements, applied the companies that sell CBD oil products online, for customers to be over 18 to buy CBD oil products. When you buy from reputable companies, procedures are in place to ensure that CBD products do not fall into the hands of children.

CBD Instant Freeze Rub 50mg
CBD Instant Freeze Rub 50mg

Although, for thousands of years, CBD is around still we are at the initial stage of learning the effects of CBD and how it works on our bodies. Since marijuana was classified as a narcotic (and still is federally and in some states), research on hemp and marijuana has been minimal.

CBD TIncture 500 MG Full Spectrum
Asatre CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 500MG

Scientists are struggling to learn more about the potential health effects and benefits of CBD. The main focus of scientists and medical groups is on the long-term use of CBD and how CBD interacts with youth, especially children. Still, more studies are currently needed on the long-term effects of CBD.

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