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Organic Catnip Buds (Shaker)


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Organic Catnip Buds

These all natural catnip buds are harvested at the peak of the plant essential oil production providing cats with potent and aromatic catnip.  Catnip Buds are our most potent form of all natural catnip. The flowers act as little pockets of catnip essential oil, pinch and crumble them to release full potency. It will make you cats day. Offered in a spice size resealable container.

  • Made and Grown in The USA
  • Fresh, potent, and hand-picked just for your cats
  • Provides healthy exercise for cats!
  • Organically Grown without pesticide or weed killers
  • Non GMO
  • Fragrant, pure catnip blossom

These all-natural catnip buds can be given directly, added to refillable toys, or marinated in cats favorite toys. These catnip buds on the stalk are significantly more potent than leaf and bud catnip.

Most potent dried catnip format you will find. Here’s Why:

Nepetalactone is the natural chemical in catnip that drive cats crazy and gives them those healthy ecstasy moments. The Nepetalactone is contained in the catnip plant essential oil. There is a higher concentration of essential oil in the flower pistils and less in the leaves and stems.

How do I give it to my cat?
Give a whole bud to your kitty without breaking it up. They are the perfect size and shape for cats to pick up, shake, bat around the house, or even take a few nibbles of. Or if you prefer, you can also break up the bud with your fingers or use our grinder to break one up. Then sprinkle it anywhere you want to encourage your cat to play!

Spice Size container: 4 grams


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3 in stock (can be backordered)