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Handmade Himalayan Hemp Belt – Red, White, and Blue
Our eco-friendly hemp belt is handmade by the local villagers from the remote Himalayas of Nepal.  The hemp grows in the wilderness, completely organic and natural.
Hemp plants have deep roots that need minimal water. It is one of the world’s best rotation crops. It does not require any pesticides to grow. Hemp has been used for clothing and garments since ancient times for its strength, durability, and simplicity.


Color: Red, White, and Blue  (Additional options available – other listings)

Traditional Belt Buckle

Belt Measurements:
Length: 42-47 Inches  (Each belt is handmade so each has a different size.  If you need a smaller or larger size within the range, please let us know.  We will do our best to send one closest to the size requested.)
Width: 1.5 Inches

Additional information

Weight6 oz


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