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Women’s Handmade Hemp Wallet – Black Trim


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Women’s Handmade Hemp Wallet (Black Trim)

Our hemp wallet is made by using natural pure hemp yarns and fabric from the Himalayan regions of Nepal. Our wallets are THC free, vegan, and eco-friendly.

Hemp farming cleans the air, water and nourishes the land. Their deep roots need minimal water as they carbon farm Co2 back into ground. It is world’s best rotation crop. It does not require any pesticides to grow. Hemp has been used for clothing and garments since ancient times for its strength, durability, and simplicity.


This wallet is 7 3/4″ by 4″ when closed by snap closure.

It has three zippered compartments for storage.

This wallet is fair trade handmade from durable hemp by artisans in Nepal.

Wallet Color – Light Natural Hemp with Black Trim

(Other options available with separate listing)
All Natural Plain
Light Brown with Dark Trim
Medium Brown with Dark Trim
Medium Brown White Trim
Dark Brown with Dark Trim
Dark Brown with White Trim
Black with Dark Trim


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Weight 8 oz


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46 in stock (can be backordered)