Hemp & Cotton: The Strongest Blend of All-Time!

Hemp & Cotton: The Strongest Blend of All-Time!

Global adoption of slow fashion, using eco-friendly durable fabrics, is driving designers and innovators to find alternative materials for clothing. A host of options are available, like organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo fabric.

Hemp and cotton fabric are undoubtedly the forerunners in the competition. Everyone knows cotton is a crop and fiber plant. The fruit ‘cottonseed’ frees cotton fibers when ripened.  Hemp fabric is developed from long strands of yarn derived from the hemp plant stalk through ‘retting.’ These fibers are spun together to form a continuous thread further woven into a fabric. Lately, both yarns have been woven together to create unparalleled fabric quality that has multiple benefits for the wearer and the environment.

If you’re wondering whether to buy cotton yoga pants, pure hemp yoga pants, or one that has both hemp and cotton fabric, we will help you make up your mind. This blog discusses the benefits of wearing mixed fabric (hemp and cotton) clothing.

Cotton has comfortability and hemp has endurance!

Anyone can vouch for cotton when it comes to comfort and hemp has a higher endurance level. Cotton fabric, as it ages, gets more comfortable, but the same can’t be said for its fabric quality, which brings softness with every wash. On the other hand, hemp fabric’s endurance and tensile strength are far stronger than cotton. Cotton fibers blend well with hemp, which adds to the stability and power of the former. The resultant fabric is stronger, shrinks less, and retains the dye longer than pure cotton fabric. This simply means the resulting blend gets the best of both yarns!

Our athleisure collection is made from cotton and hemp blend fabric. This blend makes them ideal for yoga clothing, more than traditional cotton yoga clothing.

Cotton has high-moisture absorption ability, and hemp has antimicrobial properties!

Cotton’s popularity is due to its breathability, which makes it comfortable to wear, especially during summer. Also, cotton eliminates odor from the body with moisture wicking. Hemp, on the other hand, has another feature of antibacterial properties that prevents mold and fungi growth, which is not the case with cotton. When woven together, the mixed fabric delivers antimicrobial properties with fast moisture absorption capacity. A must-have feature in athleisure wear or sportswear apt for a ‘sweat session.’

The mixed fabric uses less cotton and thus requires less water requirements to grow!

Studies suggest that one pound of cotton almost requires 1400 gallons of water, while the same amount of hemp can be cultivated with nearly half the amount of water! Using mixed fabric requires less cotton to make the blended clothing and thus results in less water consumption to grow the crop. This awareness allows the wearer to buy blended fabric clothing guiltlessly, as their purchasing decision adds to environmental conservation.

Let’s briefly discuss how hemp & cotton mixed fabric benefits your health and environment.

Benefits of using mixed fabric:

  • It safeguards your skin against harmful UV rays by naturally filtering the light.
  • It prevents bacterial or fungal growth and has optimal breathing capacity.
  • It doesn’t erode on multiple washing and can last you for a longer time.
  • It can retain color more than any existing natural fabric.
  • As mentioned earlier, it helps humanity to save water. Usually, it can be fed and grown with rainwater.
  • It feels super soft against our skin, which grows more comfortable with every wear!

Final Thoughts

Slow fashion, sustainable fabric, and eco-conscious purchase decisions can literally work in everyone’s favor. Asatre thrives on working on these philosophies and meeting the expected standard. Our athleisure collection has a mix of hemp, cotton, and spandex that makes it more resistant, long-lasting, and remains ‘new like’ even upon many washes.

Explore the product section on our website for hemp clothing items like yoga pants, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, socks, hemp-oil-infused soaps, and more.

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