The Benefits of Wearing Hemp Athleticwear For Working Out

The Benefits of Wearing Hemp Athleticwear For Working Out

Sustainably of hemp athletic-wear is breaking down the stigmas and misunderstandings around the hemp plant. Getting hemp from the field to store shelves is a more sustainable and environmentally sound alternative to most fabrics.

But is hemp good for active-wear? Besides being a lovable, sustainable crop that nourishes the earth, hemp fabric is comfortable, long-lasting, and moisture resistant. Blends of cotton and hemp are especially popular for ultra-comfortable athletic wear. Hemp clothing is perfect for hitting the gym, hiking, biking, yoga, going to Target – whatever working out means to you.

What Does Hemp Feel Like?

Hemp clothing is light, faster drying, and less absorbing. It feels like a combination of soft cotton and brushed linen. The fabric is delightfully smooth on the skin and gets softer with each wear.

10 Fantastic Benefits of Eco-Friendly Hemp Athleticwear

It was hard to narrow it down, but here are the top 10 reasons why hemp is making an impact in sportswear.

  1. UV Protection

Hemp is naturally UV protective. Whenever you’re in the sun, you want to make sure your clothes are UV protective to prevent pesky sunburns.

The sun’s rays are unable to penetrate through the material. So next time you’re heading outside for a workout, defend your skin with Hemp Yoga Shorts or an ultra-soft Hemp T-Shirt.

  1. Water Absorbent

Staying dry can be tricky during an intense workout. However, hemp fibers are highly porous, making hemp one of the most water-absorbent fabrics out there.

Hemp clothing isn’t just great for keeping you fresh & dry at the gym. Wear it on a rainy day to help protect your skin from moisture.

  1. Highly Antimicrobial

The material is a naturally antimicrobial fabric, meaning it offers protection against bacteria, mold, and other hazardous microbes – aka what gives your clothing that funky smell.

Hemp clothing stays smelling good for longer. Forgo the dreaded “stink zone” next time you’re working up a sweat. The same holds true for your undergarments. Look for Hemp Boxers to keep all of you smelling fresh.

  1. Durable & Strong

We’ve all been there. You leave the house only to notice a hole or tear in your clothing, and there’s no time to turn back. Small kicks and abrasions from natural wear & tear are less likely to cause damage to hemp clothing.

Additionally, hemp is a sturdy material, and unlike other fabrics, hemp is better at keeping its shape.

  1. Temperature Regulating

Stay comfortable no matter what activity you’re doing or where you live. If you’re into outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, or running, you already know Mother Nature has her own mind.

Hemp fabric is breathable and naturally insulating. Our athletic wear is a natural fit for any season.  It helps you feel like you’re in a comfortable room temperature environment, even if you’re hiking down a mountain on a chilly Fall day or going on a Mid-Summer run.

  1. Feels Better Over Time

We all have that one old t-shirt that’s faded thin but feels so soft after countless washes that you can’t part with it. Hemp is like that, but better. The fabric becomes softer and more comfortable as you wash and wear it, without becoming paper-thin or transparent.

  1. Comfortable

Hemp active-wear has that quintessential stretch you want in your workout clothes but still gives you the freedom to move freely.

Try Hemp Leggings or shorts for your next yoga class, coffee run, or intense gym session to remain cool and comfortable.

  1. Eco-friendly & Sustainable

OK, so this one might not be directly related to helping you crush your next workout, but it’s still worth mentioning. No harsh chemical fertilizers or dangerous pesticides are required to grow or manufacture hemp.

  1. Retains Color

Workout clothes get washed often. Help keep your clothes looking better for longer. Remember that hemp is water-resistant? That also means the fabric can better retain color dyes, so you don’t have to worry about your favorite brightly-colored garments fading.

These Hemp Athletic Shorts come in several bright colors that won’t dull or discolor.

  1. Lasts Longer

An average consumer throws away 70 pounds of clothing per year. That’s a lot of textile waste ending up in landfills. So instead of tossing your clothing items because of damage, switch to a longer-lasting material to cut down on unnecessary waste. Not to mention your wallet will also thank you.

Where To Buy Hemp Clothing For Working Out

It’s important that we think about the clothes and products we buy. Challenge yourself the next time you shop. Ask hard-hitting questions like, “Is this good for me, my family, and my environment?”

Asatre utilizes the Eco-friendly and sustainable qualities of hemp to create everyday basics, from hemp leggings to more unique items like hemp dog collars and harnesses.

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