Collection: Goat & Sheep Products

Just in! Our brand new X-large harnesses perfect for goats or sheep. It is fleece lined and has one clasp on the neck and two clasps at the girth with sizing adjustments for neck, girth, and under body. Our harnesses are strong and durable.  They are hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial, and odor resistant qualities. Perfect for farm animals. Easy to care for too. Throw in the washing machine and air dry or hand wash and air dry. Color: Green (more color options may become available) Harness sizes: X-Large: Fits large Buck and full grown Does (80 lb and above goat/sheep) Neck - 23-36" Chest Girth 28-44" T-Strap - 7 3/4" Width 1" Looking to create other sizes for smaller goat/sheep varieties. Collars: Available in Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Beige, Tan, Brown, and Black