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Hemp Crochet Sun Hat - Rainbow

Hemp Crochet Sun Hat - Rainbow

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Hemp Crochet Sun Hat - Rainbow

Our 100% handmade crocheted sun hats are made from pure hemp yarn from Nepal. Perfect for the beach, pool, festival or just hanging around.

They come in one size which fits most! As with many 100% hemp products they maybe slightly stiff, but soften and stretch over time.


  • 100% Hemp hat and handmade in Nepal
  • It has wire in the rim means you can shape the hat however you desire and flat pack it for easy storage or travel.
  • One size which fit most
  • Sun hat and light weight and easy to carry
  • Wide brimmed hat for maximum sun protection

Fits circumference of the head 22-24” 

(If you need larger or smaller, feel free to message us at  We may have some available.)

Each item is handmade and unique on its own. Sometimes there might be slight differences in color and patterns.

1. Solid Multi Trim
2. Weave Rainbow
3. Colored Weave
4. Colored Stripe

Why Hemp:

  • Hemp fiber is lightweight and water absorbent
  • Durable, long-lasting, and strong with 3-4 times the strength of cotton
  • UV and mold resistant which is excellent for outdoor wear
  • Hemp is porous which allows it to breathe to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Absorbs moisture quickly and resists growth of mildew and bacteria
  • Breathes well, preventing odors
  • Retains color
  • Easy care with excellent durability
  • Earth friendly - Chemical and pesticide free and uses very little water to grow

Please note: We include a free sample of one of our hemp oil soaps in each order. If you prefer not to receive a sample, please let us know at checkout in the note to seller section.